Products for a healthy and balanced diet are our passion – from origin to packaging. We offer you best food in premium and organic quality. Exquisite ingredients are our trademark, pure, natural precious and free of additives. From our personal conviction, but also out of our responsibility towards humankind and nature. We are very after a careful production with the utmost care, the best raw materials and a long-term trusting personal cooperation with our partners.

Our Products

Our products come from hand-picked regional and international family-run businesses with tradition. We attach great importance to the highest quality and expect the best possible products from our suppliers. This is the only way of achieving our goal: unique taste, healthy and always with the highest level of pleasure. Our factories supply us exclusively – without intermediate stops – directly to the ELBDEPOT Hamburg and from there to a dealer near you. In this way, we always ensure the necessary control and transparency, fresh quality and a very good value for money.

„We are always on the road and looking for new culinary treasures and creating unique delicacies.“


Discover our food brands, OLIVE LEAF TEA and OLIVE OIL from OLEALIVA, our ORGANIC PORRIDGE, PORRIDGE DRINK and KIDS PORRIDGE from OATMILL and our BANA & MANAFRITAS from EL ORIGEN, each one available in different varieties and step into the world of ELBDEPOT foods.

el origen
Original South American crisps

Taste this specialty from South America: In controlled organic plantations, small local farmers cultivate organic plantain bananas and manioc roots. The plantain bananas and manioc roots are cut into fine slices and processed to delicious crisps. These extra thin and crispy crisps are rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins. The perfect snack for in between. Nutritious and tasty!

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Power of the Olive Tree

Organic Olive Oil

Delicious intensively fruity organic olive oil virgen extra. Tested first class quality, with a light sweetness and mild sharpness in the finish. Exclusively developed in collaboration with the olive oil factory Hermanos,with the aim of producing a particularly fruity and characteristic olive oil of the first cold pressing!

Organic Olive Leaf Tea

To find the most beautiful, oldest and best olive groves, which have been cherished and cultivated around the Mediterranean for centuries, we discovered that the olive tree can still be a lot more than delicious olives! Above all, its leaves contain valuable, bioactive ingredients – that’s why the evergreen tree lives for such a long time. Already appreciated in ancient times, the dried leaves provide a completely new, unique tea enjoyment. Golden yellow in color, it is reminiscent of good green teas, but naturally doesn’t contain caffeine!

Powered by oats!

Organic Porridge

An unsweetened ready-to-eat mixture of oat flakes and fruit for a balanced diet. Rich in protein and fiber. Without the addition of sugar, fruit powder or other additives. The special quality of the regional apples from Germany gives the porridge an aromatic and fresh fruity flavor!

Organic Porridge Drink – Power drink

This vegan power drink replaces a whole meal. Oatmill Oat Drink Muesli is rich in fiber and protein. The tasty cereal-fruit mix is prepared with milk or a milk substitute like a shake and is available in 2 fruity varieties!

Organic Kids Porridge – The incredibly delicious oat meal

In the picturesque landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, Emily and Colin experience exciting stories with their friends: the shaggy Angus and the lovable monster Lenny. And for breakfast there is always the delicious organic children’s porridge from Oatmill – with high fiber content and proteins in 2 delicious flavors. The perfect start to the day – not only for children!

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